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Selected Publications

Are smart delivery systems the solution to overcome the lack of selectivity of current metallodrugs in cancer therapy?

Emerging molecular receptors for the specific-target delivery of ruthenium and gold complexes into cancer cells

Novel “ruthenium cyclopentadienyl”–peptide conjugate complexes against human FGFR(+) breast cancer

Selected as HOT TOPIC

Selected as HOT TOPIC

New copper(i) complexes selective for prostate cancer cells

In Vivo Performance of a Ruthenium-cyclopentadienyl Compound in an Orthotopic Triple Negative Breast Cancer Model

Tracking antitumor metallodrugs: promising agents with the Ru(II)- and Fe(II)-cyclopentadienyl scaffolds

New water-soluble ruthenium(II) cytotoxic complex: Biological activity and cellular distribution

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